Emily Fogarty Thesis Defense

The Committee on Microbiology

Breakthroughs in genomics, imaging, and analytical methods are revolutionizing the study of microbes. Faculty from ten academic departments provide students with specialized research training that extends from the molecular to the microbiome/community scale.


Dr. Glenn Randall with graduating COM students in 2023


I chose the Committee on Microbiology at the University of Chicago because of the diversity of research topics that are offered in the labs within COM. Having several options allowed me to explore options out of my comfort zone and expand my research skills and knowledge. The research I've participated in is innovative, and explores the most up-to-date topics, while also encouraging researching new and unexplored fields.

COM has a great student support network, and who are always willing to help out if needed. Our social network is also close-knit.

Baylee Heiden

Baylee Heiden

Graduate Student Trainee in the Labs of Savas Tay and Shabaana Khader